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We Are The People's Agency ...

Hola. Bonjour. Guten tag. Salve. Konnichiwa. Asalaam alaikum.

Hello, and nice to meet you! We’re Impossible Machine and we’re building the most people-centric performance marketing agency on the planet. 

Our Values

People First


Call us old-fashioned but we really like people. When we stopped to think about what would make a new agency great and set us apart, we realized something that’s often taken for granted — people are at the heart of everything that matters most. They make our music. Our art. Our food. Our culture. Our companies, products, services and our most memorable experiences. Human capital is the most valuable currency. People are irreplaceable and we should treat them as such. ‘People-first’ is our guiding philosophy, the lens through which we’ve decided to shape our organization, make decisions, and grow our relationships. It’s the promise and a commitment we make to everyone in the value-chain, whether you’re a client, collaborator or partner, you are the reason we do what we do.  

Practice Conscientiousness


Our practice of conscientiousness is a common thread that unites us and is part of the important work we do to serve one another better. Conscientiousness comprises empathy, self-control, industriousness, responsibility and reliability. We as a group are proactive, constructive, goal oriented and are unrelenting in seeing a problem through to its solution. We strive to be more mindful of others, demonstrating awareness of the needs of the group, while also acting with a high level of self-reliance, autonomy and independence. 

Empower Creators


We are a group of makers that believe in pushing the envelope, advancing the culture and important conversations, while empowering those who dare to dream big and share their unique vision with the world. We celebrate their contributions, recognizing that success and failure are important teachers in any creative discipline, and that breaking through the noise and creating work that truly resonates cannot come without calculated risk, inference and blind faith in one’s ability to deliver on the promise of uncompromising results. 

Embrace the Void


The journey of introspection, self-discipline and exploring the depths of meaning are critical in advancing our work, our relationships, and adapting to our surroundings. Some would argue this exercise is a precursor for answering our ‘why.’ That may be true, but goes far beyond answering for one’s individual or organizational purpose. Embracing the void means fearlessly acknowledging and grappling with the unknowns we face as professionals and forever students.

Origin Story

It's the year 2022. The costs of nearly all goods and services are on the rise and the value of originality, creativity, autonomy and human capital are all in decline. The populace is frustrated and left without a choice, thinking “there must be a better way.”

In response, a shadowy, mysterious syndicate appears. Along with them, a curious factory to which they lay claim, where the known laws of energy and matter purportedly do not apply. It's within these walls that a perpetual motion apparatus is even rumored to exist. A lone reporter is sent to investigate and allowed inside.

Referring to themselves only by their pseudo-corporate moniker - Impossible Machine, they have taken a decidedly different approach to business-as-usual: ‘people-first’ is the new banner, championing the makers and doers, and forging a better path forward for their partners who will own tomorrow. 

Meet the Team

Composed of a curated network of certified top practitioners in our respective disciplines, Impossible Machine is an ever-growing, independently-owned, decentralized and democratized knowledge base, creative engine and agile disrupter. We've created a new home for overflowing curiosity, intuition, insight, and big ideas. Expect uncommon outcomes, unforgettable impressions and a boundless, frictionless experience reflected in our namesake.

Learn More

Co-founder / Head of Growth

and Strategy

Chris Harris

With over a decade of multi-disciplinary agency experience, Chris has successfully scaled national brands like Redfin, SoFi, Mutual of Omaha and SmileDirectClub, but his true passion is helping small and mid-size businesses reach their potential and compete at the highest level. By being creative, resourceful and data-driven, he helps clients solve their greatest challenges and reach their goals.

Co-founder / Head of

People Ops

Robert Pruitt

Deeply committed to our mission of 'people-first,' Robert has built a career on empowering those around him, and humanizing interpersonal systems that focus on better employee, partner and client outcomes. By taking a dedicated, holistic approach to decision making, development, and relationship building, he's continually evolving the rituals and workplace landscape we all share.

Paw-ffice Manager


“Where's my stapler?” It's probably buried in the ground where it belongs. Sadie helps keep things nice and organized around the virtual office. She makes sure everyone is feeling welcome and appreciated by offering up plenty of smiles, waggly tails and doggo hugs. Drop by her real desk in the high desert of Bend, Oregon any time to say hello. Just don't forget to bring treats.

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